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The Halti head harness is great for dogs who pull and for owners who are being overpowered.  Dogs big and little can pull on the lead to the point of choking themselves. As well as making dog-walking easier and safer, the Halti speeds up other aspects of training. The device hangs loose over the nose (unless tightened) which can be easier for some dogs to get used to.  Comes with a Halti LInk.  

*Note* not for use on a flexi or long line .                                 $31.99


Our Suggested Sizing Chart       

*NOTE : in our experience the sizing chart on the package is often one size too large which results in the Halti riding in the dogs eyes.

Size O:  Bichon, Shih tzus, Mini poodles, small terriers etc.

Size 1: Shelties, Beagles, Spaniels etc.

Size 2: Doodles, Goldens, Labs, Huskies Shepherds etc.

Size 3: Danes, Large retrievers, Bernese Mountain Dogs  Rottweillers etc.

Size 4: Large Saint Bernards, Very large Danes etc. 

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